Storm Water Management

Is your Storm Water Management & Compliance Up To Date?

Many Body Corporates, Commercial, Residential and Industrial facilities have their own private storm water network. The storm water network and associated devices need to be maintained to ensure its compliance and effectiveness. This routine should be part of your Environmental Management Plan and will ensure the on-going efficiency and longevity of your system, reducing the risk of flow paths and flooding issues.

You may find some of the following devices within your home or property:

Soak Holes – Onehunga or Rock Bore types
Sand Filter and Filtration systems
Detention Tanks and sediment chambers
Drain Pipes and other types of drainage pipe
Culverts, Outfalls, Water Run Off, Rain Gardens, Swales, Storm Water Separator
Enviropods, Hynds Upflow Filters
Cess Pits or alternatively named Sump Holes, Sump Drain, Sink Holes or Tomo’s

At Drain Surgeons, we undertake this process by:

Visiting site and identifying the assets.
Raising free quotes for the Storm Water / Sewer annual maintenance, for annual budgetary control.
Plan in the works on a scheduled basis e.g.: 6 & 12 Monthly, 2 Yearly.
Liaising with your nominated onsite contact.
Provide the relevant signed Council documentation to ensure your compliance.

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